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Freedom in Christ
Liberation from Unnecessary Religion

Freedom in Christ frees us from religious practices unrelated to salvation

Freedom in Christ Galatians 5:1 Christ having made us gloriously free—stand fast and do not again be hampered with the yoke of slavery.

Thinking about Christianity? Click here for answers. Freedom in Christ liberates us from religious rules, ceremonies, holy days, modes of behavior, restrictions on friendships, and other requirements that have nothing to do with salvation.

Freedom in Christ liberates us from unhealthy religious practices. Religious denominations often enforce modes of behavior, restrictions on friendships, exaltation of denomination leadership, as well as religious ceremonies that give members a sense of belonging. These identifying marks of a religious cult often give members a sense of superiority over those who are not in their denomination.

But, these requirements for denomination membership have nothing to do with salvation and a right relationship with God.

Right relationship with God liberates us from the yoke of bondage required by religious denominations and allows us to experience a full, loving relationship with Christ and a right relationship with our neighbors.

  • If you are devoting time, energy and money to religious practices and ceremonies that leave you no time for yourself, there is hope. There is hope for a right relationship with God.

  • If your questions, doubts, or personal views have been suppressed in favor of standard denomination positions, there is hope. There is hope for your own personal liberation.

  • If denomination requirements have made you break ties to your family or long time friends, there is hope. There is hope for a right relationship with your family and friends.

Please consider the following presentations designed to demystify Christianity and help establish a right relationship with God.


New Covenant What is the New Covenant and does it differ from the Old Covenant?

Why convert to Christianity? Why should you consider becoming a Christian?

How to Convert to Christianity How can you become a Christian?

Faith: What is it anyway? How did Able, Enoch, Noah, and Abraham display faith?

Faith: What is it anyway? How did Jesus, and how should you display faith?

What is the gospel? The gospel is a set of truths that Jesus and his disciples preached. But, what truths?

What was the Gospel the Apostles Preached Was it good news about health, wealth, and prosperity? Was it a message about Jesus? Was it a message about the New Covenant?

Theology by Hymns - Are hymns and popular Christian songs consistent with the Bible?

  • Jesus Loves Me We know the lyrics of this famous hymn. But what does the Bible actually tell us?
  • Just as I Am Billy Graham used this song to help encourage people to come during his altar calls. Just how should one come to God?

We Will be Glorious and Immortal Are there promises you can look forward to as a result of being a Christian? Most definitely, yes.

Freemason and Christian? Are they compatible or in conflict? Don't be hoodwinked over this important issue.

Faith Healing Why are there no verifiable healings by faith healers? Are faith healing crusades Biblical?

Why the Church? What is a church and why does it exist?

The Sabbath Day Is the Sabbath day for Christians? If we erase that commandment, what about the rest of the 10 Commandments?

My personal testimony I was a member of the Worldwide Church of God. Under the leadership of Herbert W. Armstrong, we were a religious cult with teachings very different than traditional Christianity. For example, we kept the Sabbath and holy days. During our reformation we lost most of our members. Read my personal experience.

Freedom presentation Freedom in Christ means you are free. But, free from what? Do we still need to keep the 10 Commandments? What about the Sabbath day?

Jesus is the Messiah - Part 1 Freedom in Christ means that you understand the Messiah--the Christ--the anointed one.

Would a Good God Allow Natural Disasters? God is good, all powerful, all knowing. If such a god exists, why is there evil?

Why do Christians Suffer? If God wants his people to be healthy, wealthy, and get whatever they speak in faith, why do Christians feel lonely, rejected, and depressed?

An Account of the Inquisition It shows clearly what religion can do when allegiance is given to a "holy" man rather than to Jesus Christ.

What is the Soul online reading

What Would Jesus Do? While many ask the "What would Jesus do?" question or wear a bracelet inscribed with "WWJD?", there is a better question you can ask.

Rapture of the Saints When will the rapture of the saints occur? And, how does Jesus describe the time between the rapture and the final judgment?

What About Islam? Islam claims to be one of the three great religions that originated with Abraham. Now, you can easily understand the basic beliefs of Islam.

Is the Bible Corrupted as the Muslims Claim? Because the Qur'an contradicts the Bible in many areas, Muslims must claim that the Bible text is corrupted. Is this a logical claim?

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